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Stone Tribe

Spare Wheel Cover - Stone Tribe Light Khaki

Spare Wheel Cover - Stone Tribe Light Khaki

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Made from Traditional 100% Cotton Canvas or polycotton Tough Canvas, our Stone Tribe spare wheel covers custom-fit according to your tyre size.

Not sure where to find your tyre size? Your tyre size will be printed on the side of your tyre and is made up of a combination of numbers and letters. The first set of numbers/letters will be your tyre width, the second set will be your tyre profile and the final set will be your rim diameter. (Example: 195/65R16)

You may have an additional set of numbers/letters, but they are not required for our spare wheel covers.


Small - Medium (from 195 to 275)
Medium - Large (from 275 to 315) 

Please enquire with us if you have any questions

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