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Gen3 – 50mm Lift Kit Overlanding Kit (Pack 4)

Gen3 – 50mm Lift Kit Overlanding Kit (Pack 4)

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Des Sol EV1L50 Series Shocks + Reservoir Mounting Bracket + Des Sol Springs + Des Sol Castor Correction Bushes + Extended Brake Lines + Adjustable Panhard Bars

A suspension for life solution brought to you by Des Sol. Our latest Des Sol suspension Lift Kit now includes our increasingly popular EV1L50 series shock absorber. This upgrade offers an infinitely more stable and plush ride, giving your Jimny the ability to hug corners at speed on the open road while still comfortably handling overlanding loads and large off-road obstacles with ease. The new design combination of a superior shock absorber together with trail-blazing dual coil springs undoubtedly contributes to a suspension kit that is not only more stable on the road but infinitely more functional, reliable and upgradeable. The additional advantage of this latest Des Sol Suspension Lift Kit is that the shock absorber is also rebuildable, serviceable and tuneable, meaning if your vehicle weight changes with modifications (heavier or lighter), you can re-valve your shock accordingly. All our Des Sol suspension kits come with an unequalled 8-year, limited lifetime warranty provided the 2-year service intervals are carried out at our nominated fitment centres (please refer to warranty conditions in our link below).

Note: 6 to 8-Week Delivery Due to Unexpected Demand 


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