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Drip Drop ORS

Drip Drop - Bold Variety

Drip Drop - Bold Variety

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Mix it up with this invigorating medley of splashy Berry, Lemon, Orange and Watermelon flavours all in one box.

8 sachets per box 

Hydrates longer, to increase endurance
3x electrolytes and ½ the sugar of sports drinks means DripDrop ORS hydrates you longer, to keep you performing at your best

Absorbs faster, for quick relief
Because of its low osmolarity–the key to fast fluid absorption into the bloodstream– DripDrop ORS shortens the time it takes for you to feel rehydration relief

Great-tasting, easy to digest
DripDrop ORS is made with great-tasting, all-natural flavors, and has no preservatives, artificial, or GMO ingredients

*2003 clinical study shows no difference in efficacy between ORS & IV


  • 3x electrolytes & ½ the sugar of sports drinks
  • ORS hydrates as effectively as an IV
  • Transforms water into medical-grade hydration


A 10g serving is the perfect size for a traditional size water bottle (230ml) for maximum convenience. This full dosage offers the precise proportion of DripDrop ORS to water which is critical for efficacy.

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