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Adjustable HD Panhard Bars – Gen 3

Adjustable HD Panhard Bars – Gen 3

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There are many designs of aftermarket Panhard Bars available today. Des Sol Engineers have designed what we believe to be the new market leader in Panhard Bar design technology. Our Des Sol high-performance, adjustable, reinforced, high-strength Panhard Bars improves ride performance (marginally), and assist with even wear on your suspension components. Our Panhard Bars are adjustable from 0mm lift all the way through to a 100mm lift, our Des Sol Adjustable Panhard Bars allow 100% differential to chassis centralisation.

The Biggest benefit, by far is the strength of our Des Sol Panhard Bars. If you are in the bush and your stock Panhard bar is bent, you will not be able to drive the vehicle as the bar will just keep folding in on itself. Our engineers have extensively tested our Panhard Bars and if damaged, the bar still maintains enough strength and rigidity to allow you to drive your vehicle home or to a workshop to have it repaired, saving on costly towing fees. 

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