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Land Rover

1960 Land Rover Series 2 Pickup

1960 Land Rover Series 2 Pickup

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Step back in time to the esteemed lineage of the 1960 Land Rover Series 2, affectionately known as Vaaljapie, echoing the grandeur of the era. Witness the inception of this icon as it was acquired by the South African Railways and Harbours in 1961, embarking on a noble mission at a Railway Locomotive Service Depot.

A saga unfolds as Vaaljapie and its second custodian embarked on their shared odyssey in 1961, crafting a legacy woven with dedication and service. Together, they weathered the trials of time until the inevitable passage of the second owner, leaving behind a cherished legacy. Transcending hands with grace, Vaaljapie found solace under the meticulous care of a proud third owner, preserving its essence with unwavering devotion.

As the sands of time shifted, Vaaljapie found itself entrusted to the current owner in 2021, a custodian dedicated to reviving its storied past. Through a meticulous restoration, Vaaljapie emerged in its resplendent glory—a living testament to its rich heritage. With a documented history that stands as a testament to its uniqueness, Vaaljapie emerges as a beacon of distinction and a prudent investment opportunity.

For those captivated by the allure of a singular artifact steeped in history, Vaaljapie beckons as a timeless masterpiece waiting to be cherished. Delve into the archives of this illustrious vehicle and uncover the enchanting narrative woven into its very essence. Contact Stone Tribe to embark on a journey to possess a piece of automotive history and secure a legacy for generations to come.

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